the f'ing noob
25 March 2013 @ 2:14 PM

i’m getting my paycheck this week and I like giving away stuff and kids these days like this zazzle poetry stuff right? i just bought one anyway and i also like buying things for people and i’m willing to buy one zazzle item worth $30 or less (shipping doesn’t need to be calculated into the total—i will pay for that as well) for the winner of this giveaway.

anyway if you want in on this here are da rulez and etc:

  • i’m choosing the winner with a random number generator
  • likes count
  • i guess you can reblog as many times as you like but tumblr doesn’t count those in the notes anymore so it’s a bit pointless now
  • open to everyone around the world
  • ends the day before the last of my spring break, april 30st 11:59 CST eh fuck it most if not all of the hype for this died like a week ago so i’m doing the choosing now april 26 12:50 CST
  • have your ask or submission box open, or your fanmail on so i can contact you. if i can’t reach you within 24 hours i’m picking another winner.
  • be willing to give me your shipping address.
  • here’s the store where the stuff is. take a look around.
  • good luck!!!!!!!!!

edit: oh my god there is no april 31st (i meant march but i’ll just go back to the nearest day—it’s my last day of school anyway)

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    !!! also look at this giveaway i won!! today is a very good day!!
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    hey-ohhhhh! i decided to end the giveaway a bit early since it had basically died down and i can get a better deal...
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